Free Tools and Resources to Help Anyone Dealing With Debt
Budget worksheet – Take control of your budget and spend with purpose
Collections Battle Plan – How to protect yourself if you have debt in collections
Creditor Battle Plan – Tips for dealing with creditors, including negotiating for better terms
Debt Roadmap – A plan for dealing with the personal, emotional, and financial aspects of debt
Creating a Life of Financial Freedom – Your Quick Guide to managing credit & getting out of debt
Debt Relief Provider Interview Guide – What to ask a Debt Relief company before signing up
Debt Snowball Worksheet – Use the tried–and–true Debt Snowball method for rapidly paying down debt!
Recommended Financial Tools List – Free and inexpensive resources for monitoring and managing credit
Understanding Your Credit Score – See what goes into a credit score, and get tips for managing credit
Debt Payoff Weekly Checklist – Small wins for paying off debt, each and every week
Creditor Negotiation Call Log – Keep track of creditor calls and make progress on negotiating debt
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